1. Select the location. Hard, flat surfaces are best. The surface should be free of voids which can reduce adhesive contact.

2. Make sure the wall surface is clean. If necessary, clean and dry using a lint free cloth and warm water. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes.

3. Carefully peel off 2-3 inches of the backing from one edge of your WallMates™ product, exposing the adhesive.

4. Visually align on the surface.

5. Adhere the exposed edge of your WallMates™ product onto the surface in the desired orientation.

6. Using firm pressure, gradually adhere the WallMates™ product to the surface and smooth in place. TIP: Work from the top and use a credit card as a squeegee to smooth out bubbles while peeling the backing.

NOTE: Download detailed installation instruction sheet here.

Installation, Use and Care Tips.

Choose a surface that would be good to write on. Smooth non-textured and non-porous surfaces are best. WallMates™ self adhesive dry erase products will also work on many fabric cubicle walls, however due to variations in these types of surfaces, reusability and repositionability may be reduced.

DO NOT APPLY to freshly painted walls, unfinished drywall or brick or textured walls (i.e. stucco).

WallMates™ are designed to work with dry erase markers only. DO NOT USE wet erase or permanent markers.

Due to variations in formulation, some dry erase marker  brands and colors may leave residual ink (ghosting) over time.   If this happens, dampen a paper towel, tissue or cloth with water and wipe the surface clean.  DO NOT USE solvents or cleaners on your WallMates™ self-adhesive dry erase calendars or writing surfaces.

Erase with a soft cloth or dry paper towel. A clean cloth will minimize the amount of ink dust left on the surface. Always erase from the outside toward the center to avoid transferring ink dust beyond the borders on to the surrounding wall.